UFALME WETU was started in the year 2020 with the aim of being a member driven organization to achieve financial inclusion, goals diversity and financial development;

Through combining technology and extensive financial knowledge, we have developed a platform that will facilitate growth, transparency and income generation.



It is registered with the relevant Kenyan Authorities.


UFALME WETU  is managed by a board consisting 8 members who sit regularly and conduct an annual general meeting.

The Managing director sits in the office for strategic guidance of the organization towards meeting its Mission and Vision.

The office has 10 Business Development Officers who micro-manage chamas at the ground level.


Membership to UFALME WETU is through Chamas; The chamas, or peer groups, or business groups or community based organizations, are an outfit of all members within our community and who have agreed to come together for the sake of unity and development.

It consists of both genders (male and female), age diversity (the young, middle age and old age.)



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